About The Pittsburgh Independent

Why an independent news site?

  • Since 2004, roughly one-quarter of American newspapers have failed, and more than half that remain are owned by private equity firms or hedge funds whose main priority is profit, not civil society. As 538 reported, this atrophy of local news coverage has been linked to more corruption, less competitive elections, weaker municipal finances and a prevalence of party-line politicians. We intend to report on issues that matter most to ordinary citizens.

Wasn’t this going to be some type of co-op?

  • Yes. And it still might. Brian Conway and Alyse Horn, independent Pittsburgh journalists who knew each other from the defunct Work Hard Pittsburgh digital workers’ cooperative, applied for the start.coop accelerator program in early 2022. Tom Stites of the Banyan Project has provided invaluable support and encouragement. It takes a lot of work to collect and channel the energy to sustain such an endeavor, and we hope that these humble beginnings will attract like-minded people who want to get involved. Maybe that’s an entity owned by the public, by the journalists themselves, or some combination of the two.

How can I support or get involved?

  • Share our content. Advertise with us. Pitch us a story no one else has told. Give us your feedback, tell us what you want to see more of, or how we can improve. We want the people who live here to inform what we write about, and provide a home for stories from writers that confront injustice, celebrate diversity, and enrich the lives of ordinary citizens.

How can I get in touch?

  • email us: pittsburgh.independent [at] gmail.com

(PGH Independent soft launch is summer 2022. Stay tuned for more.)